Save Space with the Spaceformer Bed and Desk Combo

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Optimizing Spaces with the Spaceformer Bed and Desk Combo

Murphy beds are a great way to save space and give any room a bed and desk combo. They have become a popular option for any room where space might be limited or where an extra bed could provide added functionality. The concept of the Murphy bed allows people to maximize their space and transform their spare rooms into a guest bedroom when hosting friends and family. Great for students, offices, small homes, apartments and condos, the Spaceformer is a unique product that combines the idea of the Murphy Bed with a desk, giving anyone the ability to turn a cozy bedroom into a functional home office or workspace. While an extra bed can be a welcomed addition to any home, most of us don’t spend the majority of our days sleeping. Whether you’re a student, a working professional or someone who needs a place to unwind after a long day, the Spaceformer will allow you to save space without sacrificing comfort, style or functionality.

Extra Space

Extra floor space is a welcome component to any room and opens up a wide array of décor options. Your desk can be outfitted with extra cabinetry that can give your space more than one look. Hide décor elements, such as carpets or accent tiles, allowing you to completely transform the look and feel of your space in seconds. The desk changes into a bed in such a way that nothing on the desk will shift during the transformation. The Spaceformer is not only for use in places where space is limited, but instead can be used creatively in any room where functionality meets comfort.

Great for Bachelor and Studio Apartments

In small bedrooms and studio apartments, space always comes at a premium. With limited space, it’s not easy to try to cram in all the necessities that you need to live comfortably: a bed, desk, and some cabinets or a dresser without sacrificing the majority of your floor space. The Spaceformer can truly transform your bachelor pad or studio apartment into an open concept design. The desk will give you a space to do your work, sort through your bills, or place your laptop until you’re ready to call it a day. Then, simply transform your desk into a bed in seconds without being forced to shift your belongings off of the desk.

Transform Your Guest Room

Many of us welcome friends, family and guests into our homes for extended stays, and a dedicated guest room gives our loved ones a home away from home, allowing them to feel comfortable when they come to visit. However, those visits are only occasional. The Spaceformer allows homeowners to transform their cozy guest bedroom into a home office or workspace, giving their room multiple purposes for ultimate functionality.
The Spaceformer is perfect for optimizing small spaces or any room that could benefit from a bed and desk combo. They have become a modern stylistic space-saving option for people looking to transform their living space without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Its uses are only limited to your imagination. 


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